2004 Dream a piano solo concert

Recorded in August 2004 at Nelimarkka Museo – Alajärvi, Finnland

This is the second recording of two I made in Finnland back in 2004 after my girlfriend crushed on me. Look here for the first one.

The recording

When I checked the first recording I encountered that the recording quality was pretty bad. But I was lucky to get a Minidisc recording device with very good (range) microphones for the second recording.

The dark side of that Minidisc recording was a limit in the capacity and I only had one disk. So it came that the last track of that recording got capped right in the middle of that improvisation. I was first sad about this, but in the end I think it fits to the title “Erwachen” (Awakening). Normally a dream does not have distinct ending before you wake up – you just wake up in the middle of that dream.

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