2004 Life is a dream

Recorded in August 2004 at Nelimarkka Museo – Alajärvi, Finnland

This is one of two recordings I made in Finnland back in 2004. Some might say it sounds a bit dark and they might be right. But I have to explain it was a time when my girlfriend crushed on me. I really was in a bad mood and everything.

The recording

When I woke up that morning there was a very beautiful and breathtaking sunrise. I really knew that this day would become special. I decided to play piano in Nelimarkka Museo in Alajärvi


I had no recording tool that time, but felt like it would be a good idea to record it. A friend helped me out with a really strange recording device (Arcos Jukebox MP3 Recorder). But there were no microphones. Because time was running out I decided to buy atleast any microphone and so I came up with a 9$ microphone and a strange recording device. I am glad that it worked at least some how. But the recording quality is pretty bad and noisy. Tje recording device itself added some repeatingly ticking noises which I guess has something to do with the electronic components. Later there was a possibility to reduce these effects by some crazy audio filters, but it also made that sound somehow blurry.

But I am just happy that I had something to record that improvisation. I think it was a good one at least in my eyes. Not because it was beautiful but it quite was a freestyle improvisation. I left my default pattern behind and found a new sound for me.

I decided to record another disk in the next days. Not only because of that new sound but there was that beautiful and nice girl working in that museum, too.

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