New Album “Klangfarbe”

My new album is a collection of music I made during the “Covid-Year” in 2020. Each piece deals with a particular event, or a particular thought that was important to me at that time. This is what makes it also a collection of completely different styles and soundsEven though for most people the year 2020 was probably marked by the continuous topic of a pandemic, for me, even without COVID-19, the year was not one that I would count among Continue reading New Album “Klangfarbe”

New music available

For almost 2 years I did not publish any new music. For some reason I did not feel to record anything I’ve played. I also bought a new e-piano during this time, the Kawai VPC-1. One that I had always hoped to own one day. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had to get familiar with the new claviature. In the past months I had some ideas and started recording again. One can clearly say Continue reading New music available

The Grand 3

Today I want to share one of my current recordings which I have rendered via The Grand 3. This peace of software offers five high quality virtual piano models (3 pianos, 1 upright piano and one e-piano). The following track was made by using the Bösendörfer 290 piano, which is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it seems that this one makes some glitching noises – not very loud but still nasty. This is also the reason why I have shared this recording. Continue reading The Grand 3