2017 Matka

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Recorded in November 2017 in Bremen, Germany

About the music

“Matka” means journey and this journey is about me. I have found a place where I want to be forever. But how did I get here?

River 1 – It’s late. I’m going out for a walk on the cold meadow. Leaves of grass tickle my feet and fog flows like water over the meadows towards a river that meanders through the landscape like a majestic dragon. I stand there in the middle of this nature and think about the problems of the world as the sun rises.

River 3 – In this starry night I am following the river without knowing why. Where will it take me? Who will be there waiting for me?

Nebular – Ich verschwinde in einer Nebelwand. Die Nacht umfängt mich. Ich träume von dem, was hinter mir liegt.

Clouds 1 – The morning dawns, I see wafts of mist rising to the clouds. Filled with hope, I join the expedition into the clouds. From up there I can see the flowering meadows, over there a small forest grows and a flock of birds flies in the background. A dark thunderstorm follows behind me. But in front of me a glistening white glimmer on the horizon. Everything will be all right, I think.

River 2 – It is the river of time, in it flows the past. Anything that falls into it will soon be forgotten, and at some time one doesn’t think about it anymore. The river flows through dark mountains with fiery red smokestacks to a place deep under the mountains and beyond there is a distant place filled with golden light.

Journey – My destination is now clear. A rainbow in a blue sky. I just have to follow it. Soon I’ll be with you!

Evergreen – It’s Christmas time and the Christmas tree is just beautiful.

Cloud 2 – Over the sky the clouds are big and silent like my unspeakable fear of losing you. But there is also a wonderful view of the faraway lands we will visit, you and I.

Shore waves – I’m on the beach. The waves roll slowly towards me and disappear right in front of my feet. The sun sparkles brightly on the water, a mild breeze is blowing through my hair. I have a dream.

Horizon – Ich sehe den Horizont, ich fliege darauf los. Lautlos gleite ich dahin. Über mir funkeln die Sterne und ich fühle es, ich bin bald da.

Mickey – Every journey begins with a farewell. I have found a place where I want to be forever, but how did I get here?

Recording Equipment

Keyboard: Roland FP8 Stage piano
Piano: VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 virtual piano software