New Album “Klangfarbe”

My new album is a collection of music I made during the “Covid-Year” in 2020. Each piece deals with a particular event, or a particular thought that was important to me at that time. This is what makes it also a collection of completely different styles and soundsEven though for most people the year 2020 was probably marked by the continuous topic of a pandemic, for me, even without COVID-19, the year was not one that I would count among Continue reading New Album “Klangfarbe”

New music available

For almost 2 years I did not publish any new music. For some reason I did not feel to record anything I’ve played. I also bought a new e-piano during this time, the Kawai VPC-1. One that I had always hoped to own one day. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had to get familiar with the new claviature. In the past months I had some ideas and started recording again. One can clearly say Continue reading New music available

What is a mode?

You might have noticed that C major and A natural minor scale sharing the same keys. The difference is only noticeable because the referenced root key is different. This is also known as  modes. Major and minor are probably the most popular modes, but there is more to it. Of course C major and C minor are two different modes of the same root key, where C major and A minor are two different modes with different root keys, but Continue reading What is a mode?