New Album “Klangfarbe”

My new album is a collection of music I made during the “Covid-Year” in 2020. Each piece deals with a particular event, or a particular thought that was important to me at that time. This is what makes it also a collection of completely different styles and soundsEven though for most people the year 2020 was probably marked by the continuous topic of a pandemic, for me, even without COVID-19, the year was not one that I would count among the good ones. People close to our hearts left us, and it felt like there was more terrible news every moment – someone was always at least seriously ill or something terrible happened in the family of our best friends.

My music is what helps me get through times like these. It keeps reminding me no matter what the day has in store today, the tomorrow may be uncertain, but full of magic and wonders.

Regrettably, you can definitely hear why I’m not a professional musician.I simply lack playing skills and practice, so I get off track and out of rhythm at some points. The professional audience may please be forgiving here. I hope my new album is something that you like to hear from time to time.

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