New music available

For almost 2 years I did not publish any new music. For some reason I did not feel to record anything I’ve played. I also bought a new e-piano during this time, the Kawai VPC-1. One that I had always hoped to own one day. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had to get familiar with the new claviature. In the past months I had some ideas and started recording again. One can clearly say that I would have needed more practice. There are some notes off and sometimes I am completely lost. However, now there is enough material to release two Audio albums at once, so I decided to create two CDs that belong together.

So here are the two new CDs:

⮀ Part 1: Abendrot
⮀ Part 2: Nachtblau

Cover Art

The covers are composed of some photos I have taken at some time in the past. The background is a photo of a horizontal stone edge. The upper part had a lot of reddish colors and resembles a sunset, so to intensify the effect I mixed in a sunset photo I took in Finland. For the blue version I used another rather bluish sunset photo, which I also shot in Finland. The moon photo was taken from a moon lamp, because unfortunately I don’t have a lens that is good enough to take a direct photo of the real moon. I finally added a “nebula” effect, which was created from a photo taken through a blue pipe directed to the sky.

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