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I haven’t done recordings for a while due to lack of time, ideas and the possibility to have a proper recording environment. But things are changing.I have done digital piano recordings in the past, but actually have never considered them to make them available online. For one, digital piano sound in comparison to a real grand piano seems to be flat and meaningless. However, to do recordings from a real grand piano one need a grand piano that is located in a great acoustic environment. And one need great recording equipment, too. Finally, its not like I can play on any time. Even if I have access to such a piano, environment and recording equipment, I would need several attempts to find the blue hour I need to actually play music, that I like to record.

Hence, I am stuck with the situation to do digital piano recordings. At least I have enough time to find my blue hour (mostly sometime between 10pm and 2am, actually).

I changed my opinion about flat sound of digital pianos when I discovered Imperfect Samples virtual piano software. These samples have been taken specifically to create a authentic piano sound with depth and soul. They kinda succeeded with that. However, I have only tested the cheaper versions, where the “big” library probably is more close to what they achieved. But still, it was already making fun playing around with these.

The next milestone for me was to discover the  VI Labs Ravenscroft 275 virtual piano software. While in direct comparison to a real grand piano one can still hear a (huge) difference, it is the best virtual piano sound I have ever heard. So, last year (actually January 2016) I finally bought Ravenscroft 275 in a holiday for 50% off. Ravenscroft 275 actually sounds very realistic and has a deep and rich dynamic range, and is fun to play even on my 25 year Roland FP8 keyboard. I definitely have to replace the latter in the near future. Some keys of my Roland FP8 were broken and have been fixed already, but I guess they wont last for long. I am actually wondering that after 25 years of heavy playing it is still working! What I am looking for is the Kawai VPC1, which is actually quite cheap, and has real wooden keys. Playing on that one and having the sound of Ravenscroft 275 it is probably not far from playing on a real grand piano.

However, I hope you will enjoy these new songs I made. I have uploaded a new Album “Matka”, which is the latest recording I made. However, I have decided to upload also older digital piano recordings in the near future.

2017 Matka

I already started uploading older CDs:
Du kennst mich (2014)
Piano (2015)
Rainbow Gone (2016)

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