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thegrand_logo_smallToday I want to share one of my current recordings which I have rendered via The Grand 3. This peace of software offers five high quality virtual piano models (3 pianos, 1 upright piano and one e-piano). The following track was made by using the Bösendörfer 290 piano, which is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it seems that this one makes some glitching noises – not very loud but still nasty. This is also the reason why I have shared this recording. I used it as example for Steinberg, so they can hear these glitches.

One thing I am really missing is a silent key sympathic resonance emulation. Other virtual pianos at the same pricing do sound more natural if playing without sustain pedal. So if you might think I should realease the sustain pedal more often, I am with you – but then the magic of “The Grand 3” just disappears.

The track is about the happy birthday song, not very original and also not very well played.. I hope you are going to enjoy it anyways.

Glitches at 00:33, 00:48, 01:21, 03:10, 04:11, 04:31, 05:05, 05:17, 05:58, and so on..

And here is what my The Grand 3.1 – Bösendörfer 290 settings look like:


Some more infos: The velocity curve was custumized to fit the Roland FP8 hard setting, which I used as keyboard. I do not have a half-paddeling sustain support.

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