Deep Silver Fishlabs is hiring!

At the end of 2013 Fishlabs headed towards serious trouble and there were times where it really looks like there was no hope. Finally Fishlabs had to file bankruptky. The same time Koch Media saw that Fishlabs really has good IPs and excelent game developers and that it would be a good chance for Koch Media to get into the mobile market. Long story short it came that Koch Media tookover Fishlabs.

dsfl_logoFrom the beginning of this year we started over to build up the new company “Deep Silver Fishlabs”. Since Deep Silver’s portfolio contains a lot of cool titles like Metro Last Light, Dead Islands, Risen and Saints Row, it shouldn’t wonder that Deep Silver Fishlabs is going to start over a new mobile project out of this portfolio. That is why we currently are hiring like crazy!

To get more details, take a look at our website:

Also you might be interested in this one (german): Deep Silver Fishlabs: Team soll auf 90 Mitarbeiter ausgebaut werden

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