Adreno 320 GPU GLSL shader issues on Android

It seems that they didn’t spend much time in coding the graphic card drivers for Andreno 320 GPU. In my latest project I encountered a crash on linking some GLSL shader programs. It really took a while to figure out the cause. After a while could break down the shader code to something that looks like: struct _Diffuse_Type { lowp vec4 Color; sampler2D Texture; }; uniform _Diffuse_Type Diffuse; varying vec4 v_vtxColor; varying vec2 v_texcoord0; #ifdef VERTEX uniform mat4 u_modelViewProjection; attribute Continue reading Adreno 320 GPU GLSL shader issues on Android


I just finished the setup and installed a theme for wordpress that does not burn your eyes. Now it is indeed time to post some interesting cool stuff. But well, I guess I wont. Instead I will post some boring stuff just to test the syntax highlighting tool. But I am going to post some cool stuff later, I promise! Here is a simple GLSL ES2.0 shader: